Are you ready to glow up?

Electric Body exists to help black women re-engineer their bodies with a customized personal trainer experience, so they can look and feel their absolute best.

Personal Trainer for Black Women

How It Works

We believe there is no one size fits all, so your workouts are customized to fit your lifestyle. 

With Electric Body, you get four programs for the price of one. Our app provides you with a personal trainer to guide you step by step through your fitness journey, alongside a nutrition education, and a customized fitness routine that you can follow to achieve your body goals. 

Our Pricing

This isn’t just about weight loss. This isn’t about the perfect body or fitting into a mold that fitness magazines tell you to fit into.

Forget about all of that. This is an investment in your future, with a return that will last you a lifetime.

Learn more about the cost of success with Electric Body, at the link below. 

Change starts here.

As a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist, my main passion is guiding people towards a healthier lifestyle.  Our methods, and this approach to fitness were birthed out of a personal journey to wellness.  

If you’re serious about having the body of your dreams on your own terms, then Electric Body is what you need. 

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