Our Core Beliefs

I built Electric Body after I saw some things I didn’t like that are happening in the fitness industry. There’s too much pressure to fit into a tiny little box that someone else created, but I believe that everyone’s fitness journey is personal and unique. It’s time to smash the fitness hierarchy.So I’ve set out to create a program that can help you forge your own path to getting and keeping the body you want for yourself. Take a look at the core beliefs Electric Body is built on

The Electric Body philosophy on working out:

  • There’s no one right workout. Find what works for you, what is fun and motivating that you’ll stick to

  • Don’t overwork yourself. Build your endurance, then slowly push past your limits

  • Don’t do it because its the latest fad, do it because you like it and will stick with it

  • Find your default exercise. The one you can easily do when you don’t feel like doing anything

  • Find different versions of the same workout for when you’re at the gym or at home. For when you have the equipment or just bodyweight

  • Find a guru who speaks your language, whose philosophy you respect so you can get ideas from them and decide what works for you and throw out the rest.

  • If you like long cardio, do long cardio. If you hate cardio, learn how to do HIIT so you can get your cardio over with and out of the way

  • Strengthen your core. Not so you can get abs but because its the foundation of everything

  • Lifting weights is an essential part of working out and not simply an add-on

  • Preschedule your workouts for the week. Put it in your calendar like a doctor’s appointment

The Electric Body philosophy on nutrition:

  • Create your own eating style based on what you like

  • Learn how to make substitutions to bring your favorite meals from empty calories to more nutrient dense

  • Don’t do trendy things that aren’t based in biological fact like cleansing out toxins. That’s not a thing

  • Learn to cook and grocery shop

  • Stop thinking of food as negative. Have fun with it. Food is fun

  • Learn what makes you overeat and emotionally eat so you can change those patterns

  • Listen to your body’s natural cues like hunger and fullness. These mechanisms are there to guide you and you shouldn’t override them

  • Drink more water and cut the soft drinks and alcohol

  • Learn new recipes and try new things

  • Add herbs and spices to make things more appealing. Healthy food gets a bad rep for tasting gross but if you season things the right way it tastes great

  • Don’t avoid social gatherings

  • Stop dieting. Learn how to live your life making better food choices

The Electric Body philosophy on habits:

  • Create a system for yourself to follow so your new habit is easy to stick to

  • Pair new habits with older more established habits so that its easy to stick to

  • Learn the root causes of your negative patterns so you can break those bad habits

  • Create mantras for yourself to reinforce the new habits

  • Create rewards to motivate your new habits

  • Cultivate an environment that fosters the new habit to make it easier to stick to

  • Surround yourself with a support system that encourages the new habits so that its easier to stick to

  • Create a strong case for why you’re implementing a new habit and create reminders for yourself to remember that motivation so you can finish what you’ve started even when it gets tough

  • I used the phrase “easier to stick to” a lot here. Make it easy because life is hard enough.

The Electric Body philosophy on rest:

  • Get more sleep because besides that it feels really good, its also apart of your total health & fitness

  • Meditate more because it helps reduce your stress

  • Take time to yourself to recharge. I know this isn’t feasible for everyone, but if you can find a way, find a way.

  • Say no to more things that take up time and energy so you can slow down and catch your breathe

  • Get more sleep. I’ve said this already but it bears repeating.

  • We are living in a time where concepts like “hustle hard” and “no days off” get glorified. I know a lot of it is about basic survival just to keep our heads above water, but don’t forget to breathe.

These are the things we believe wholeheartedly at Electric Body, and I would love to get a chance to share more about how we can help you with your fitness goals.