All the reason you should be eating breakfast everyday

You’ve probably heard the advice that you should incorporate breakfast meals into your diet. As a matter of fact, many nutritionist will tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day at it sure is.

Why is breakfast so important?

It helps in maintaining a healthy weight

Without eating breakfast, you are most likely to get hungry. This means that you are likely to overeat later in the day or go the unhealthy foods like doughnuts. That might explain why some black ladies are thick. Eating doughnuts to make up for missed breakfast is an unhealthy choice and it only leads to gaining weight.

It helps you control your blood sugar

Black women are statistically more vulnerable to diabetes and breakfast is an important meal because it helps you to control your blood sugar levels whether you have diabetes or not. Have you ever noticed that when you miss breakfast, you tend to be moody and grumpy? Well, this may be because your body has low blood sugar which is a dangerous condition for your body to be in.

Breakfast is good for the heart

There have been studies that link breakfast to heart health. According to those studies, people who skip breakfast are more likely to have atherosclerosis, a condition where the arteries harden and narrow due to the buildup of plaque. People with the condition have bigger waistlines, weigh more and have high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In addition, the study also found that people who miss breakfast are more likely to engage in unhealthy habits that are bad for the heart like smoking, drinking etc.

It provides energy to better at school or work

When kick starting your day, you need your metabolism to be right. By regularly eating breakfast, you are able to pay attention, remember and perform better at work or at school. Eating breakfast provides your body with the energy that it needs to go through the tasks of the day. Without breakfast, your brain goes to conservation mode and slows everything down since it lacks energy. No wonder you feel lethargic when you miss breakfast.

We know that eating breakfast is extremely important, but there are people who still struggle with making sure that they take a proper breakfast. So how do you make sure that you eat breakfast every day and make it a habit?

  • Stock your kitchen with easy-to-prepare foods like breakfast cereal, fresh juice or instant oatmeal in case you don’t have enough time in the morning
  • Choose foods that you like for breakfast so that you feel enticed to prepare yourself a meal
  • When you are not hungry, start the day with a cup of 100% fruit juice or a piece of whole-wheat toast. During mid-morning, you can grab a mid-morning snack like a hard-boiled egg


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