Electric Body Coaching

Here’s an overview of what you get when you sign up with us today to get your fitness journey started. Electric Body is made up of four parts:

Flow Sessions

We work with you to create a workout strategy that fits your style, schedule, and convenienceThere is no one size fits all workout, so all of your workouts are custom to fit your lifestyle. We focus on what you’re most likely to stick to, what’s most convenient given your schedule, and what’s easiest with the environment you have available to you i.e. gym membership, home equipment, or just bodyweight. Once your trainer creates your program, your workouts are assigned to you through the app. You login, see your workouts and schedule, follow the instructions that show you how to do the workouts, then log your workouts so your trainer can check progress.Each week, you will upload progress photos to the app to give an account of how your body is changing

The Feed Doctrine

Meal plans are great, but we don’t create them for you. Instead, you’ll discover how to create a meal plan of your own. Once you’re setup with Electric Body, you receive our full nutrition course that teaches you how to make better food choices. The FEED Doctrine is a practical solution to making eating right a way of life instead of just living from diet to diet. Nutrition can sometimes feel like rocket science, but we’ve made it so its more like learning your times table. I hope you don’t hate math enough to hate this analogy. With our course delivered directly to you, you’re learn how to reduce calories without starving yourself, how to create your own meal plan without waiting for a registered dietician, and how to create an eating style based on the things you already love. We also discuss social eating and emotional eating, two things that are a big factor in keeping your eating choices as a longterm strategy. You can also use our app to log your food so you and your trainer can monitor your nutrition, discovering what practical changes can be made in order to ensure success

Recharge Method

Rest is an important aspect of fitness that people tend to ignore. Even when you put in all of the work and do everything right, stress and lack of sleep can possibly derail any progress you could make towards your goalWe have exercises that focus on improving your sleep quality and recovering from your workoutsWe give practical ways to help you manage stress, and also do a mood check to see how things are going for you.

Rewire Cultivation

A lot of workout programs promise you the body of your dreams through excessive workouts and strict eating requirements. We call those “get fit quick schemes.” They’re designed to get you a quick result, but they’re impossible to maintain. We focus on making fitness a long term lifestyle change for you. You choose the habits you want to create, and together we come up with a strategy for staying on track with practicing your new habits. You’ll learn how to be more active in creating changeWe setup you up for success with your new habits by creating an implementation plan, by assessing that your environment is cultivated in a way that keeps you focused, and by creating a support system of not only your trainer, but of the people in your life. You’ll use the app to log your habits and the Weekly Plug to give your trainer feedback on the progress you’re making.

The coaching aspect of our training program gives you guidance at every stage of the process

Battery Briefing

This is your opening assessment with your trainer where the two of you connect and start working on your fitness goals. The Battery Briefing is made up of two parts: an online assessment quiz and your trainer meet and greet on the phone (voice or video). With the online assessment quiz completed, your trainer will hop on a call with you in order to get you setup with your program. You’ll discuss your workouts, your nutrition, your sleep quality, and you choose your new habits. Your trainer lays out for you everything you need to get your fitness goals underway.

Daily Dose

You’ll receive daily text reminders about staying on track with your program, with some added boost and motivation for when you’re not feeling like your best

Weekly Plug

Every week, you’ll check-in with your trainer to evaluate your workouts, nutrition, sleep quality, and habit tracking.

Monthly Regeneration

Each month, your trainer will do a reassessment of your program to make sure things are moving forward. Its like your Battery Briefing, but now you’re picking up momentum and moving further along in your fitness journey.

Quarterly Transformer

Every three months, your trainer creates a progress report that shows how you’ve made improvements and gives you ways to recalibrate your program so you know what you need to do to keep your fitness journey moving forward.
We give you everything you need to create the body you want and keep it!


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