How Swapping Ingredients Can Help You Make Healthier Food Choices

Many people struggle with eating healthier while still creating delicious and savory meals that are not dull and boring. It might seem hopeless but its entirely possible to have healthy yet delicious food choices in your diet by simply swapping some unhealthy ingredients for healthier ones. Substituting ingredients in your favorite dishes will help to transform most of your unhealthy recipes into healthy recipes without doing away with the taste and texture of the foods you enjoy.

Here are a few of the ingredient swaps you can try:

Chickpea pasta instead of enriched pasta

When you choose chickpea pasta instead of enriched pasta, you get more protein and fiber in your food while significantly reducing the number of calories.

Dairy-free milk instead of whole milk

You can use dairy-free milk like almond, cashew, or oat instead of cow milk to save on calories and fat

Vegetables for meat, poultry or fish

You most likely prepare your meals with some meat, poultry and fish. While these are good proteins, they can still be unhealthy when taken in large amounts. You can substitute them with vegetables. Vegetables are so much more nutritious, saving you on calories and fat while also helping you gain more vitamins, minerals and fiber, and there are many creative ways to make your favorite meat dishes into plant based ones.

Fresh condiments instead of cut condiments

Pickles, olives, butter, mayonnaise, syrup and mustard usually have large amounts of sugar, salt, fat and calories. These are the ingredients that are most likely to feature as your condiments. But there are healthier choices like: use cucumbers instead of pickles, cherry tomatoes instead of olives, non-fat or reduced fat spreads instead of butter or mayonnaise and mashed fresh berries, instead of syrup or jelly. These alternatives are great and nutritious.


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Changing cooking methods

Swapping ingredients also includes the method in which you prepare your meals. We often underestimate the role that cooking methods have in ensuring the preservation of nutrients in foods yet the cooking methods can influence the amount of nutrients that are retained in the foods. The best and healthier cooking methods include braising, broiling, grilling, poaching, sautéing and steaming. They preserve the most amount of nutrients in foods and they don’t use unhealthy hydrogenated oils. Instead of deep frying and frying your foods, you should opt for these healthier cooking methods.

You can preserve the taste while getting the benefit of nutritious meals. At first it may be difficult to replace those ingredients you love but with time and consistency, everything becomes much easier.


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