My 2 cents on fitness that you can take straight to the bank

There’s LOTS of varying fitness information out there on the internet. I’m here to help you sort through them all so you can make the best decision for your own fitness journey. So here’s my 2 cents you can take to the bank!

Categorizing food as healthy vs unhealthy isn’t good

I think its very tricky to get caught up in the battle of healthy food versus unhealthy food. Sometimes its obvious to see what’s good for you and what isn’t, but I think when we categorize it that way, we’re demonizing food and in some ways making those “bad boy” foods more appealing. Another thing that happens when we categorize it that way is we get tricked into buying the foods being marketed to us as “healthy” when maybe we should be avoiding those instead. In any case, being restrictive makes it harder to adhere to long term change. But simply being more mindful about our choices can help us make it a lifestyle and not just a fad diet. So that’s why I prefer to look at food as falling into two categories: empty calories or nutrient dense. What does that mean? That means that some foods are high in calories but don’t offer many nutrients, which means you’re taking in more energy than you’re probably able to expend, and you haven’t even gotten a good amount of nutrients that you need, so the whole thing leaves you with nothing but empty calories. On the other hand, there are some foods that carry more beneficial nutrients aka macros and are better for you even though it doesn’t always mean they’ll be low in calories, but the number of nutrients provided makes it a better investment. Let me give you an example: maybe a cup of Greek yogurt has more calories than celery sticks, but the amount of protein and unrefined carbs it has makes it a more nutrient dense choice. For the record, celery has very little nutritional value. On the flip side, maybe a slice of pizza has a ton of protein from the cheese, but the amount of calories you’ll consume doesn’t make it a better choice than something with fewer calories. So just think of it as, will this give me the nutrients I need? Am I making an investment of empty calories or and I getting something nutrient dense?


How To Spend Less Time in the Gym and Still Reach Your Fitness Goals

Be consistent but be kind

Here’s the thing about any kind of goal you’re trying to reach or any kind of habit you’re trying to build, there will be times when you mess up. It’s so inevitable that you shouldn’t even try to argue with yourself about it, just accept it. But do you want to know the beauty of having that information already ironed out? You can react in a way that’s good for you that won’t sabotage your efforts. When we think we’re supposed to execute things perfectly, then we mess up, we beat ourselves up over it and want to give up entirely. Be consistent with your goals and habits. But when you mess up, be kind to yourself! Say, “we got it wrong this time, Kells. But we’ll get it right tomorrow!” That’s it. Then dust yourself off and try again.

Forget the beach body and go for your GLOW up

Fitness brands market what I call “get fit quick schemes” where they promise you this perfect body in about 6 weeks and even have the models to prove how rapidly it works. Things they don’t tell you: 1. Those models are people with a background in fitness who can quickly get the results shown because of muscle memory. 2. Sometimes its photoshop. 3. Even if you do the impossible workouts with the insane meal plans and do get the results, its impossible to maintain those results. Longterm health and wellness is the goal and it takes time, but it lasts you longer than a weekend in Miami. With Electric Body, we use the term GLOW Up to refer to your new lifestyle as someone equipped with the right tools to dedicate themselves to living their healthiest life full time.


How To Spend Less Time in the Gym and Still Reach Your Fitness Goals

You’re your own fitness expert

This is the most important piece advice that I can offer you. I might know all of the science of exercise and nutrition, but I don’t know your daily schedule, your preferences, your budget, or anything else in order to tell you what you should be doing. And honestly, I’m not a fan of the “should be” types. You’re the expert on your own life and I’m simply here to guide you towards fulfilling what you know is right for yourself. I can tell you how much protein to eat, but if I recommend cottage cheese and you hate it, you won’t stick to it. I can’t even begin to count how many generic meal plans I’ve sent people and they’ve specifically complained about cottage cheese. I finally realized people just hate that particular food and its why rigid meal plans don’t work.


The bottom line is, the sure fire way to get the lasting results you’re looking for is to cut through the noise on the internet about fitness and find what works for you.


How To Spend Less Time in the Gym and Still Reach Your Fitness Goals

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