All the reasons you don’t want to start a new fitness journey

Ok! You’re here on my page so that means you’re interested in fitness to some degree, but you’re also skeptical about if you even want to bother starting something new. Your brain is already calculation 100 different scenarios for why it’s a waste of time and money. Fair enough. That’s just your natural instinct kicking in to protect you from starting something, getting your hopes up, then being supremely disappointed if you fail. It’s a good reflex to have to keep us from the frustration we might feel. But it can also be a hinderance to the joy we might feel later. Because think about this for a second, what if you don’t fail? What if you win? What would that feel like? So if you’re feeling that natural reflex telling you not to try us out, let’s discuss it together, shall we?

I’ve tried fitness before and it just doesn’t work for me. I hate working out, I hate the taste of diet food and I hate feeling like I’m starving all day.

I’m sure it feels like you’ve tried all of the fitness programs out there and none of them worked, so you think the whole fitness thing just isn’t for you. The thing about those programs is they make them one size fits all. But I have a secret: there’s no ONE right way to get fit, even though that’s what every program out there wants you to believe. They’ll make you feel like going keto is the absolute solution you’ve been waiting for! Don’t get me wrong, it can work. But it may not be what works for you. With Electric Body, our training program is predicated on the fact that not everything works for everyone, so we help you find what works for you. And not only for a quick result, but what works for you in making a lasting change.

I have another secret: hardly anyone actually likes working out. I mean sure, give me 100 deadlifts and I’ll do em, but I HATE cardio. Still, I grin and bear it. But you don’t do it because you like it, you do it for the result. You probably hate changing your cat’s litter box every day but you love the fact that once you change it, your house won’t smell like cat litter. I can’t promise you that you’ll get workouts from me that you’ll always love doing, but you’ll get the support from me that keeps you motivated for the result. And the results are what matter. Lastly, we don’t do starvation over here. Yes, you’ll have to cut back on calories and your body will have to make some adjustments to that change, but we find that if you do it gradually instead of skipping entire meals or doing some juice cleanse, you’ll hardly feel the pain of it. Together we can create a program that makes fitness right for you.

I don’t have enough time in my schedule to workout or cook meals. I’m busy juggling too many other things

Time management is a tricky subject. I know that all of us are busy and we’ve got so many other responsibilities pulling us in all different directions, so why add more to your plate? Well, I find that when we stop to examine our schedules, there’s always a solution to creating more space. Doing something new means being proactive about scheduling it into your life, and not making it an afterthought once you’re in a brief moment of downtime. As a part of me coaching you, I will help you create a schedule for yourself that you can stick to, and I will check in to see if you’re keeping that schedule. Together we’ll look at your week and see where space can be made for workouts and preparing meals. I know I don’t know what’s going on in your everyday life. And I don’t know how stressed out you are, but I do know that this principle works: Take a step back, look at the big picture, find where space can be created, and then go and create that space. Sounds like I’m oversimplifying it. I’m not. Just simply clarifying it for you. You feel overwhelmed right now but you won’t be on this fitness journey alone. You’ve got help on the way.

Its too expensive to pay for a training program or healthy food, I don’t have it in my budget

I know first hand how expensive it can be to pay for a personal trainer. I used to work at a big box gym where the rules were very strict. Don’t talk about nutrition, because then clients won’t workout. Don’t talk about the mechanisms of fitness, because then a client won’t pay for more sessions. I watched as gyms charged thousands of dollars for training that would last clients less than two months, and at the end of those two months, many weren’t armed with the necessary tools to understand fitness for themselves. So I walked away from that life because I didn’t feel like I was reaching the people I wanted to help and I wasn’t making anyone’s life better, just making my gym richer. With Electric Body, I’ve done a lot of work to make my training program accessible for you and to help you learn sustainable fitness beyond working with me. Training is an investment, but it’s an investment you’re making for yourself, your health, and your longevity, and I’ve done my absolute best to make that investment affordable and valuable for everyone.

I’ve lost weight before but I wasn’t able to keep it off because I have trouble with overeating

I know I don’t have to convince you that fitness is important. That’s not the issue. The disconnect is when you know you should and need to make changes, but you find yourself unable to take action. It feels like you simply don’t have the discipline to stop overeating or be consistent with your workouts. I know a stressful life and depressive feelings can lead us to grab foods that are empty in calories that take a toll on our bodies and, in turn, deplete our emotional and spiritual reserves. But it’s not your fault. Most of us simply haven’t learned the basic skill of caring for our bodies that we should have learned as children. With Electric Body coaching program, I’ve included the topic of emotional eating. Its a tough subject to tackle and I always implore people to seek the advice of a health care professional in order to help get a handle on it. But I’ve also chosen not to overlook the very real need to address this barrier when it comes to making a long term lifestyle change. We won’t ignore your emotional eating and what it’s meant in the past for your weight loss efforts. It sounds like a lot of work and a BIG commitment. I’m not ready to make so many changes right now

Me: We won’t overhaul your entire life overnight. This program is designed to work on a few things at a time, build one habit at a time, and then adding a few more things gradually. We show you how to take tiny bites so you’re not overwhelmed by biting off more than you can chew. And you’re not on the journey by yourself. Having a coach here to help you make strategic moves, takes the pressure off of relying on your willpower. We know it’s a big commitment but we teach you how to break it down into smaller more manageable steps, because we know that making this kind of commitment to yourself and your health, is one of the most important things you can do.

There could be 95 more reasons to not want to start your fitness journey today. And they might be reasons that are very valid for you, but an even bigger reason to move forward with your fitness journey that trumps all the other reasons: Your health is a priority and not an afterthought.

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