Who Am I?

About Kelly Jones

Before all this, I was someone who had dreams of becoming a famous singer and songwriter. I was putting all of my time and energy into my career, which meant staying up late, going to all of the jam sessions (and drinking while socializing there), and frequently eating late into the night, sometimes having a full diner meal as the sun came up.

I was stressing out my body, living the life of the constant grind and hustle of the music scene. Social eating was a big part of my life; in fact, there was one summer where I had brunch every single weekend with a new friend each week. But even as I write this, I realize my summer of brunch was  less about connecting, and more about emotional eating. 

My first client was me

By 2015, I was unhappy with my weight gain, and I was also scared as I watched my father deal with his diabetes-related health crisis. 

I couldn’t help thinking, would I get a diabetes diagnosis and end up in the hospital someday too? That was a real eye-opener for me, and that’s when I decided to make some changes.

My Fitness Transformation

It took me a while to get things right. I tried a lot of workouts because all of the fitness gurus told me that their favorite workout was the best workout. I tried going pescatarian for a while too because one of my friends was pescatarian and she was always able to manage her weight. 

I worked myself to the max, adopting a “no days off” mentality. But this led to my body giving out on me because I overloaded my central nervous system. (I didn’t even know the scientific definition of that phrase until studying to become a personal trainer). In spite of lots of setbacks, I was making progress. 

But I knew I had to find a way to make my new lifestyle stick, so I crafted habits for myself that would be easy for me to stick to.  This brought me past my plateau; I was able to reach my “final form”. I felt like a superhero, and my body was more powerful than I ever thought possible.

My journey inspired me to help others craft their own success stories. In my journey to discovering what worked well for me, I gained the understanding that everyone has an individual path to fitness. 

This is what prompted me to create Electric Body. People ask me, why that name? Why Electric Body? The answer isn’t very complex: I decided I wanted my body to feel like it was alive and vibrant, not just existing to decay.

My Mission

Once my friends and family saw the transformation I’d made, they kept asking me to train them so they could get results too. So that’s when I decided to become a personal trainer.

As I was studying to get my certifications, I ran across quite a few stats that struck me as alarming. Black women are disproportionately affected by all of the major diseases out there including heart disease, risk of stroke, diabetes, mental health. We also tend to have the least access to the necessary health and fitness that would help us course correct these diseases. 

Learning this sparked something in me and from that moment, I was on a mission. But once I became certified, I realized I was working in a gym where my clientele didn’t reflect the work I wanted to do, and the rules in place wouldn’t allow me to do the full range of coaching that I was seeking. So I left my corporate, high paying gym career to forge my own path. 

I created Electric Body to help black women re-engineer their bodies by coaching them in nutrition and exercise. I want those stats and figures that jumped off the page at me to shift from alarming, into something revolutionary by changing the way we care for our bodies.


Online Trainer Certified (OTC)
Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS)
Behavioral Change Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

Change starts here.

If you’re serious about having the body of your dreams on your own terms, then Electric Body is what you need. 

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