How It Works

This is how we help you reach your goals

Four programs, one price – plus, a personal trainer, offering step by step guidance for workouts on your fitness journey! Learn more about our method of creating your best body below. 

1. Flow (n.)

a radiation of internal energy through outward movement

We believe there is no one size fits all, so all of your workouts are custom to fit your lifestyle. We focus on what you’re most likely to stick to, what’s most convenient given your schedule, and what’s easiest with the environment you have available to you (gym, home, etc). 

Your personal trainer creates your program and your workouts are assigned to you through the app with instructions that show you how to do the workouts. 

You get workouts that fit your needs and your lifestyle.

2. Input (n.)

a place where energy or information enters a system.

We don’t do restrictive meal plans or starvation dieting. With our course, The Feed Doctrine, you’ll understand how to make better eating choices based on the foods you already enjoy. 

With the app’s support, you can log your food to keep track of your calories. Eat right without starving yourself.

3. Recharge (v.)

to restore power a battery’s depleted power

You might feel like you’re too stressed to start your fitness journey and add yet another thing to your life, but with Recharge Method, we give you tools that focus on improving your sleep quality and help you recover from your workouts. 

We give practical ways to help you manage stress and get more rest so you can feel refreshed.

4. Rewire (v.)

to replace old, non-working actions or processes with new, more effective actions or processes for better output

I know you’re probably jaded with fitness because you’ve tried and failed, but we focus on making fitness a long term lifestyle change for you. You choose the habits you want to create, and together we come up with a strategy for staying on track with practicing your new habits so you can learn how to be more active in creating change. 

You can stop the yo-yo dieting and finally make fitness a way of life instead of a phase or fad.

Change starts here.

 If you’re serious about having the body of your dreams on your own terms, then Electric Body is what you need. 

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