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Do you feel like body image expectations have set the bar too high for the average person?

You are discouraged by the impossible expectation to have the perfect body 

You feel bad about yourself instead of being motivated to workout more  

You get easily demotivated when you can't get the extreme results from your workout routine that trainers are telling you to push hard for

It makes you not want to try at allYou don’t know how to use the gym machines or what at home equipment to buy

Skinny shouldn’t always be the goal, and it doesn’t have to be. Those standards aren’t realistic, and there are other fitness goals worth pursuing that will greatly improve your quality of life, better than the desire to simply be thin. 

Its Time To Redine Fitness 

We help you set your own standards 

We help you define your own fitness standards and get the coaching you need in order to reach your goals. 

We coach you based on your lifestyle and goals

Don't waste time during your workouts by getting distracted, bored, or confused by what to do. Know that the time you spend working out will be maximized every single session. 

Movement With A New Motive

We hold you accountable to your own motives for wanting to increase your movement, not to a toxic standard you never agreed to.

"I believe a woman should be able to confidently define her own fitness standards, and move towards her goals at her own pace and on her own terms."

Coach Kells

Founding Trainer

Don’t train just so you can fit into a mold. Train with me for the things that are important to YOU.

Our Happy Clients

“Thanks so much Kelly!!! I hate working out so much but having you there helped a lot and I'm excited for you to help guide me/keep me accountable!!”

Pegah Y.

"Kelly has been instrumental in helping me attain my fitness goals by guiding me into a sustainable lifestyle change. It’s been a long time since I have felt this good physically, mentally or emotionally, and it’s only more motivation to keep it going! Truly Grateful."

Meta M.

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Your first session is a FREE discovery call

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