If you’re asking if Electric Body is the right fit for you, here's a breakdown of what you'll have to give, to see the results you want:

Who You'll Become

This isn’t just about weight loss.

This isn’t about the perfect body. And this isn’t about hating your body so much that you want to create a superficial idea of what it should be. This is about loving yourself, and your body enough to grow it into it’s full potential.

Picture yourself a year from now. You’ve started your fitness journey, and you stayed on track, smashing your goals with the help of your coach. You feel less stressed, you like the way your clothes look on you, you’re sleeping better…the list goes on. You’ve impressed with yourself for reaching such a monumental goal, and most importantly: you know what you need to do to keep going.

A year from now, you know what workouts to do, you know how to make better eating choices (even for social nights),  and you’re fully equipped to continue living a lifestyle of fitness. How amazing does that feel?

The Cost of Success

A commitment to follow a self-paced program. If you cannot succeed without in-person supervision, then Electric Body is not for you. We’ll work with you to create a schedule so you can create the time to prepare your meals, and prioritize your workouts by plugging them into your calendar each week. But while coaching is there to guide and support, you’ll have to take initiative for yourself and put in the work!

Awareness of your financial investment. The saying goes, nothing good in life comes free. While we’ve made our program accessible and affordable, you should never stop thinking of Electric Body as a return on your financial investment. Set it in your mind that your health is a financial priority. 

Begin your journey

Everything we’ve talked about here is included in our
monthly one-on-one training program.

A Personal Trainer
Customized Workouts
Nutrition Coaching
Fitness Guidance & Support 

Choose from the following options: 

$99 month to month
$249 for 3 months (Save $48)
$529 for 6 months (Save $65)
No contracts, cancel anytime